Art Classes Sydney

Art Classes Sydney

Painting & Drawing

Art Classes Sydney

Aida Rizk Gallery offers one of the most comprehensive and structured Art Classes classes in Sydney

We focus primarily on drawing and painting and give step by step tuition

As a result helping our students progress faster and more confidently

Drawing Classes

Our drawing classes are structured and informable

As a result we will ensure you achieve week to week progress through your work

You will be introduced to fundamental skills on how to draw and how to master the technique

Our drawing classes cater for all ages and levels from absolute beginners to advanced

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to realistically depict still life
  • Using graphite and charcoal
  • Understanding of of figures in space
  • Human anatomy
  • Shapes
  • Volumes
  • Shading techniques
  • Proportions
  • Perspective

Whether you’re after beginner drawing classes in Sydney or want to expand to a more advanced level this drawing course is for you

It will teach you all the creative tips and tricks you’ll need to draw masterpieces

Painting Classes

Painting classes in oil or acrylics for beginners to more advanced

Students will Learn how to paint expressive, contemporary or realistic paintings with structured classes around specific topics and themes, practical exercises, demonstrations and pain along.

You will be guided through colour mixing theory, pigments , tones , organising palette, compositional ideas, and different brush strokes

You will be introduced to different painting mediums including colour pencil, oil and acrylic paints while expanding your skills using variety of surfaces such as canvas, quality papers , linen and boards

Whether you’re after beginner art classes in Sydney or want to expand or sustain your artistic techniques at more advanced level this painting course will teach you all the creative tips and tricks to make quick sketches or plan for more complex finished artworks

Group Art Classes Sydney

If you want to de-stress and express your artistic desires while networking with similar minded students then group art classes Sydney is you sanctuary

Our fun and interactive group art classes will guide you to express your inner artist while receiving best of advice and practical guidance in all aspects of art.

Each student is given individual guidance and a structured progress plan

The group art lessons are term based courses of 8 weeks and wide variety of topics and medium will be covered

Topics include outline drawing, shading , form and texture, perspective and proportion, composition and balance and portraiture foundation

Online Art Lessons Sydney

In addition, if you can’t make your art lesson or prefer to learn from home we offer Sydney art lessons online

Where we will deliver fun and engaging art classes direct to your location anywhere in the world

For online art lessons you’ll require the following:

  • An internet device with camera
  • Internet connection
  • And of course your art materials

Location and Hours

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