Art Inspiration

Artist inspiration is necessary to create amazing artwork

All artists have days when they feel non creative or uninspired. Sometimes these days can become weeks or even months

Periods of lack of artistic inspiration are common phases for every artist, regardless whether you’ve just started your artistic journey or you have been creating for years

All of us that love to be creative, can suffer quite a bit from these stages

So the question is, what can we do to get our Art Inspiration back?

Pablo Picasso said that inspiration always exists but you need to be working towards finding it

It is like that tool that you bought in an art sale few years ago but you never got a chance to use it and now you have forgotten that it is sitting in a box in your studio. So to find inspiration to move forward, remember to also look in the old places you forgot about

Getting motivated to create isn’t difficult, but sometimes we just need a little push and a few ideas, to get us going in the right direction

Here are a few tips and activities that will help boost any artist inspiration to get over temporary impasses and to get creative again

Artist Inspiration Tips

  • Spend time playing:

    Don’t go to your studio to just paint or create , it is important to spend time looking around you , play with the tools , objects and material and think about their purpose and what else you can do with them. Don’t underestimate the power of playing and remember working intuitively can be very liberating

  • Get out of your studio:

    When you just cannot find the way to proceed forward you need to de-clutter your mind. So go for a walk , be present and look around you.

    When we see something we like, somehow we get inspired. So don’t miss the opportunity to take a photo and use it as a reference later. That feeling you get in that moment will add another layer to the depth of your artwork

    On your way don’t forget to take a wrong turn and get lost. Try to find things you don’t see.

    We have a tendency to walk down the same road over and over. Inspiration comes out of the right things we do regularly, and sometimes out of the wrong turns we take occasionally.

    So mindfully make some mistakes to boost that artist inspiration

  • Meet new people:

    Artists have the tendency to work in isolation, alone in their studio, and this solitude can make a temporary lack of inspiration

    So make an effort to meet new people. When I say make an effort I mean you really need to get out of your comfort zone and go up to people and engage with them

    Don’t be shy just introduce yourself and be honest with them and tell them you are an artist looking for art inspiration.

    People will surprise you and sometimes the relationships you build and the wisdom you get form other artists is priceless

    So join local art communities, go to gallery opening talks, join artist meet up networks and create together

    You can also meet other artists online, visiting art blogs, leaving comments, signing up for their newsletters

  • Watch, read or Listen to something new and inspirational:

    In today’s time, we are quite spoilt with options and access to any and all kind of art, books, tutorials and videos . Artist inspiration links are just a click away

    Look at YouTube and find videos of curators talking about old masters painting and contemporary artists

    The National gallery’s YouTube channel is one of my favorite. Sky is the limit

    You can even search artists you like and watch them in their studios or listen to their interviews or go to your local library and check out great art books

  • Create for the sake of creating:

    Finally start creating without thinking too much, just show up at your studio keep your art material handy and get creating

    Making art just because you enjoy the process, without worrying about anyone else seeing the final product, can be very liberating

    Don’t get discouraged if the artwork takes a different turn during the execution phase and comes out different

    Remember we said earlier, sometimes taking a wrong turn can be quite inspiring

As Agnes De Mille says “The artist never entirely knows — We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark”

Hope this helps with your art inspiration and feel free to leave any comments or questions below

Happy creating!